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Sponsor an Intern

Planning for completion of summer projects? Experiencing staffing shortages? MLEIP will recruit and provide you with qualified candidates for your summer internships.


Sponsor Request Forms for summer 2024 internship assignments are accepted November 2023 - May 2024.

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Hundreds of university students (both undergraduate and graduate) apply each year from across the country for this paid, full-time summer internship. Most applicants are STEM majors, and many are also first-generation college students and minorities.

Internship assignments are placed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, other state agencies, county or city governments, and with private sector companies who sponsor these interns.

During the program’s history, over 2,700 college students have been placed in internship assignments in Texas, and some now hold leadership positions across the nation.

Let MLEIP do the recruiting for you! Hire an intern. Change a life.

Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program: An Investment in the Future of Texas (3:45 min)

Complete a Sponsor Request Form


TCEQ managers or other organizations interested in sponsoring interns must complete a Sponsor Request Form. Participating organizations (external to TCEQ) provide their own funding for selected interns and determine the duration of the internship assignment.

Please specify the preferred major(s), required skills, and include a brief description of the tasks and duties to be performed. The goal of our internship program is to ensure that students are provided a meaningful learning experience.

NOTE: Online Sponsor Request Forms submitted by December 2023 will receive candidate application packages for review and selection by February 2024, enabling selected interns to finalize their summer plans and secure housing, if necessary.

See the MLEIP Dates and Deadlines page for more on the timeline for 2024 internship selections.

Select an Intern


MLEIP coordinators at TCEQ verify each candidate's eligbility and refer qualified candidate applications to requesting sponsor organizations. You (the requesting sponsor) determine which MLEIP candidates to interview and select for a summer 2024 assignment at your organization. Selections are based on academic major, scholastic achievements, geographic preference, and life and work experiences.

Once you’ve made your selection(s), notify the MLEIP coordinator at TCEQ by providing the name of your selected intern(s), start and end dates, and hourly pay rates. It’s that easy!

Send confirmation to your selected intern(s) in writing. Provide them with specifics related to their internship assignment, including location, assigned mentor, pay rate, duties, and reporting requirements, in accordance with your organization’s human resources/ payroll requirements. You should also notify candidates whom you interviewed and did not select for placement, so they may move forward with their summer plans accordingly.

Create a Meaningful Internship Experience

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Create a welcoming onboarding experience on your intern's first day. Engage them by continually soliciting their input and ideas. Share your mutual expectations for a high-impact internship assignment.

Be a positive role model for appropriate workplace behavior. Set your interns up for success by providing feedback and guidance on their performance at regular intervals. Introduce them to leaders and subject matter experts at your organization so they may explore future career opportunities.

Celebrate milestones achieved during the internship to foster a sense of accomplishment. Brand your organization every chance you get. Leverage this unique opportunity to provide college students and recent graduates with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your workplace culture and organizational mission.

Benefits of MLEIP Sponsorship

The MLEIP is an established, recognized internship program that adheres to Internship Best Practices set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Choosing an intern from this program offers several benefits, such as:

  • time saved by allowing the MLEIP to recruit qualified intern candidates for you.
  • the flexibility to interview MLEIP candidates and extend offers at your discretion.
  • the ability determine intern pay rate, duration (start and end dates) of intern assignment, and duties to be performed, based on your available funding and budget.
  • opportunities for you and your intern(s) to participate in select MLEIP events during summer.
  • recognition on our website as an MLEIP intern sponsor.

MLEIP 2023 Sponsorship

We proudly recognize our 2023 MLEIP sponsors for their commitment to growing future leaders.


Program Contacts

Avery Klein-Cloud
MLEIP Internship Coordinator,
Human Resources & Staff Services
512-239-5433 or
Yvette Rodriguez
MLEIP Internship Coordinator
Human Resources & Staff Services
(512) 239-0166 or
Juanita Baldwin, SHRM-CP, PHR
MLEIP Education and Outreach
Coordinator, External Relations
512-239-0105 or