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Transitions Hiring Program

This program is designed for recent college graduates who are transitioning from college to work. Job submissions are solicited to form a pool of candidates who have a degree, but little or no work experience. The pool is used to fill TCEQ entry-level jobs requiring a degree only.

What is Transitions?

Who is Eligible?

The Transitions Hiring Program is available to individuals who have graduated within two years of the date of graduation, or for individuals who are within two months of graduation. Transcripts are required to verify the date the degree was conferred and major. A letter from the registrar indicating the major and that degree requirements have been met is required for individuals who have not yet graduated.

The program is not available to current TCEQ employees or those individuals who decline an offer of employment.

A TCEQ employee viewing documents in the field

Meet TCEQ Staffer Jade

Jade is an environmental investigator in TCEQ’s Edwards Aquifer Protection Program. Watch our video to learn more about Jade and her job at TCEQ (4:18 min.)

How Long Does My Application Stay on File?

Transitions requisitions open every six months for a six-month period. Resubmission is required for each requisition to remain eligible.

What Disciplines are Acceptable?

While the TCEQ hires candidates within a variety of disciplines, a majority of entry-level positions require a major in natural or physical science, engineering, environmental science, or environmental studies.

What if My Transcripts are from an International University?

Applicants who hold an international degree should contact a foreign degree evaluation service to have their course work evaluated prior to submitting for a position with the TCEQ. The service must be a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or acceptable to the Texas State Board of Education Certification.

A photocopy of the evaluation must be included with the job submission in order for it to be considered complete.

How Does the Transitions Program Work?

Hiring supervisors in the Austin Central Office, or any of TCEQ’s sixteen regional offices, may request candidates with specific majors and geographic preferences from the Transitions pool. The hiring supervisor schedules interviews and makes a final selection.

How Do I Apply for Employment under this Program?

To apply for the Transitions Program, login to the CAPPS Career section to create your CAPPS Recruit candidate profile. Search for the job title “Transitions Program” to create and provide a submission.