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Training, Workshops, Seminars, Events

Information about various events hosted by the TCEQ.

Autumn Environmental Conference and Expo

The Autumn Environmental Conference and Expo combines the former Advanced Air Permitting and Water Quality/Stormwater Seminars and includes a one-day Waste Classification Workshop. This event provides engineers, environmental managers, consultants, and the regulated community updates on permitting rules, requirements, issues, and regulations.

Emissions Inventory Workshop

The workshop will provide updates on submitting a point source emission inventory.

State of the Bay Symposium

The seminar will provide training and understanding of Galveston Bay and associated habitats.

Environmental Trade Fair and Conference

The ETFC is Texas' premier environmental education forum, featuring topics such as the drought crisis, oil & gas, air quality, waste management, and many more.

Texas Environmental Excellence Awards

Each year the Texas Environmental Excellence Awards are given to honor achievements in environmental preservation and protection. As the state's highest environmental honor, the Office of the Governor and TCEQ commissioners recognize outstanding projects from nine diverse categories.

Pollution Prevention Waste Management Workshop

The event will provide training to businesses, government, and other entities to help prevent pollution from hazardous waste and toxic chemicals.

Water Quality/Stormwater Seminar

Now part of the Autumn Environmental Conference and Expo. The seminar provides updates on permitting rules and upcoming regulations to an ever-changing customer base in the regulated community. Presentations will cover a wide range of topics; from the technical aspects of municipal, industrial stormwater, to sludge permits.

Advanced Air Permitting Seminar

Now part of the Autumn Environmental Conference and Expo. Provides engineers, environmental managers, consultants, and business owners updates on air permitting rules, requirements, and issues.

Dam Safety Workshops for Owners and Operators

The workshops provide practical and straightforward information on issues that affect anyone who owns or operates a dam including: state dam safety laws and regulations and enforcement, emergency action plans and maintenance issues for all areas on a dam, and recommendations for correction.