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Retailer Requirements - Television Recycling Program

If your business sells new televisions, you must follow specific requirements to comply with the law.

Sell Only Labeled TVs

You may not sell new televisions that are not labeled with the manufacturer's brand. The label must be permanently affixed and readily visible. This requirement was effective on May 1, 2012.

Provide Consumers Information

Beginning July 1, 2012, you must provide consumers information published by the TCEQ about the legal disposal and recycling options for their televisions.

  • This information must be in writing.
  • You may include this information with the sales receipt or as part of the television packaging.
  • You may fulfill this requirement by providing consumers with the following statement, in writing: "For information regarding the legal disposition and recycling of covered television equipment (TVs), please visit ."
  • Alternatively, you may comply with this requirement by providing consumers with the required information through your company's toll-free telephone number and Internet website.

Order and Sell TVs from Listed Manufacturers

Beginning April 1, 2013, you may not order or sell products from a television manufacturer that is not included on the TCEQ's list. This list was available by April, 1, 2013, through a link on our website, and included television manufacturers :

  • whose recovery plans have been approved by the TCEQ, if applicable,
  • who have certified that their public education programs comply with the rules, if applicable, and
  • who have registered with the TCEQ and paid their annual registration fee, if applicable.

You may continue to sell televisions you ordered prior to April 1, 2013. However, you must not order or sell additional products in Texas from a television manufacturer that is not included on the TCEQ's list.

If the manufacturer is on the list when you place your order, you are in compliance with the requirement, even if the manufacturer is later removed from the list. You may still sell your current inventory from that manufacturer however, you may not place an additional order from that manufacturer until they are again placed on the TCEQ's list.

Additional Resources

  • The new requirements for retailers are outlined in Title 30 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 328, Subchapter J .
  • If your business sells new computers, you can find the retailer requirements for the computer recycling program online.
  • For questions about these requirements and for other information about the television recycling program, you can email or call 512-239-3143.

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