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Consumer Information about Computer Recycling

Consumer information and educational materials about recycling your home computer

While the information below contains consumer information about recycling computers, it is not a comprehensive list of resources.

General Program Information

The Texas Recycles Computers Program requires manufacturers that offer new computers for sale in or into Texas a free and convenient recycling program available for product consumers, and, be on the TCEQ list of computer manufacturers. Please be aware that:

  • Certain manufacturers own more than one brand of computer.
  • If you own a computer with no brand name or made under a brand name that is not listed, you can check the manufacturers' Web sites to see which manufacturers will accept other brands.
  • Manufacturers are only required to collect and recycle their own brands of computers, not brands owned by other manufacturers. Manufacturers may choose to offer recycling for brands other than their own.
  • Manufacturers are only required to collect and recycle personal and home business computers.
  • Commercial, government, and nonprofit customers should check with their manufacturers, local retailers, and local charities to see what options are available to them for upgrading, donating, refurbishing, or recycling used computers.

Consumer Requirements for the Texas Recycles Computers Program

The Texas Recycles Computers Program rules make consumers responsible for any information in any form left on the consumer's computer that is collected, recycled, or reused. Before donating or submitting your computer to be reused or recycled, be sure to erase all data.

Consumer Educational Resources

Useful Resources

The following links will take you off the TCEQ website.

Data Security and Privacy

Consumers are responsible for any information left on a computer that is collected, recycled, or reused. While many recyclers have protocols in place to help protect the original owner's information during the recycling process, individuals may also elect to erase the hard drive on their computer or tablet themselves as an added measure of protection.

The manufacturer may have provided information on this procedure within their user manuals. The following links are provided by Apple for Macintosh operating systems and Microsoft for Windows operating system.

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