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Recycler Requirements - Television Recycling Program

Assistance for TV recyclers on complying with TCEQ rules.

The following information is intended as general program guidance, and should not be interpreted as a replacement of the rules. Please review the rules online at 30 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 328, Subchapter J .

These rules differentiate between a TV collector and TV recycler. Review the definitions from the rule, listed below, to verify which category applies to you.

  • Collector-A person who receives covered television equipment from consumers and arranges for the delivery of the covered television equipment to a recycler. A collector is prohibited from acting as a recycler unless registered as a recycler.
  • Recycler-A person who separates collected covered television equipment and refurbishes that equipment for reuse, or processes that equipment to be returned to use in the form of raw materials or products. The term does not include an entity that solely collects or sorts covered television equipment prior to shipment for recycling.

Register Your Company

All TV recyclers must register with the TCEQ, using our Notice of Intent (NOI) to Operate a Recycling Facility form.

As part of your registration, you must certify that your facility complies with the TCEQ’s regulations governing the management of covered television equipment . If you have previously submitted an NOI, submit Attachment F - Covered Television Equipment Recycling Facility to update your NOI.

Beginning January 31, 2014, TV recyclers must annually renew their registration and compliance certification. Facilities will be able to meet this requirement with their annual report submittal (see below). An updated NOI form will not be required.

Report Annually

Recyclers must submit the Annual Report for Television Recyclers each year by January 31st. This report must include the total weight or volume of covered television equipment collected in Texas that you received, recycled, and disposed of in the preceding calendar year.

Appropriately Manage TVs

  • TV recyclers must maintain a written log of the weight or volume of covered television equipment received and its disposition.
  • TV recyclers must recycle covered television equipment in accordance with §328.193, referenced above, related to management of covered television equipment.

Please send your forms to this address:

Section Manager

Municipal Solid Waste Permits, MC-124
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087

Additional Compliance Assistance Resources

  • Be aware that in addition to the TV recycling program requirements, electronics recyclers may be subject to other regulations.
  • If you are a computer recycler, you can find the recycler requirements for the computer-equipment recycling program online.
  • For questions about these requirements, and for other information about the television recycling program, you can e-mail or call 512-239-3143.