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Authorizations for Bioenergy Facilities

A definition of bioenergy, and the status of authorizations for bioenergy facilities pending action or approved.

In 2009, the 81st Legislature established the Texas Bioenergy Policy Council Texas Bioenergy Research Committee Texas Department of Agriculture

What Is Bioenergy?

“Bioenergy” is energy derived from renewable biomass. The term “biomass” refers to any organic material that has stored sunlight in the form of chemical energy. Biomass includes both the fuel and the energy contained in any renewable, organic matter.

Biomass is used to create bioenergy services, or “biopower,” such as electricity or heat. Examples of biomass fuels include agricultural crop wastes and residues; wood wastes and residues; aquatic plants; and animal, municipal, and other wastes.

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Required Authorizations

More than one authorization may be required for a bioenergy facility. For a list of those most commonly required, see Bioenergy Permits and Authorizations .

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Status of Authorizations

The TCEQ may issue authorizations for bioenergy facilities. The link below provides information about bioenergy projects that have pending and final authorizations with the TCEQ.

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For More Information

For more information about bioenergy facility permits, please email and reference Bioenergy in the title, or call Water Quality Division, at 512-239-4671.

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