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On-Site Activity Reporting System (OARS)

On-Site Activity Reporting System (OARS)

What is OARS?

OARS is an electronic on-line system for OSSF authorized agents to submit their monthly activity reports to the TCEQ. This system replaces the need for faxing or mailing these reports. OARS also gives the general public contact information for local permitting authorities.

Additional OARS Information:

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application/pdfMaking OARS Work for You [PDF]

application/pdfOARS User’s Manual (RG-628) 

Authorized Agent Monthly Activity Report

Who can I contact?


OARS telephone line:  (512) 239-OARS (6277)

FAX:  (512) 239-6390

Regular Mail:
On-Site Activity Reporting System, MC-235
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711