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On-Site Sewage Facilities (Septic Systems)

Permitting, maintenance, and construction requirements for on-site sewage facilities (septic systems). Information for local governments wanting to become authorized agents of the TCEQ and run the program. Information about how to make a complaint related to these facilities.
Information for Homeowners
What to do if you need to choose, install, or maintain an on-site sewage facility (OSSF or septic system).
Information for Licensees
If you hold or would like to acquire an OSSF license, find out how to get training, pay fees, or renew your license.
Information for Regulators
Find licensed OSSF professionals, TCEQ-approved products, reporting information, and rules.
TCEQ Permit Application, Texas Historical Permitting Data, and EPA Information
 TCEQ OSSF permit application and EPA septic information.

NEW Texas On-Site Sewage Facility Grant Program (TOGP)
Request for grant applications and required application forms