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Texas On-Site Wastewater Treatment Research Council (TOWTRC) Projects and Reviews

On Sept. 1, 2011, House Bill 2694 abolished the Texas On-Site Wastewater Treatment Research Council (TOWTRC). Included below are selected TOWTRC Research Projects and associated reviews by TCEQ staff.
TOWTRC Research Project TCEQ Review

application/pdfHydrological Attributes and Treatment Capabilities of “Caliche and Related Soils” Pertinent to On-Site Sewage Facilities

by Larry P. Wilding, Ph.D., CPAg, CPSS


application/pdfDesign and Operation of Land Application from a Water, Nitrogen and Salt Balance Approach

by Clifford B. Fedler, Runbin Duan, John Borrelli and Cary Green


application/pdfEvaluation of Drainfield Absorption and Evapotranspiration Capacity

by Ken Rainwater, Ph.D., P.E., DEE and Andrew Jackson, Ph.D., P.E.


application/pdfReview of Systems for Restaurant Wastewater Pretreatment

by Ken Rainwater, Ph.D., P.E., DEE


application/pdfImproving Ammonia and Phosphorus removal in Subsurface Flow Wetlands

by Margaret G. Forbes, Joe C. Yelderman, Jr., Tina Potterton, Adam Clapp and Robert D. Doyle


application/pdfEfficacy of Bacterial Reduction by Onsite Wastewater Treatments

by Stacy L.M. Pfluger, Rene Massengale and Joe C. Yelderman, Jr.


application/pdfManual for Designing Surface Application of OSSF Wastewater Effluent

by Clifford B. Fedler, John Borrelli and Runbin Duan


application/pdfEffectiveness and Utility of Surface Application and Soil Percolation for Removal of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products

by Clifford B. Fedler, Bahar Hosseini Amoli, Brian W. Brooks, Todd Anderson, Bowen Du, Qingsong Cai, and C, Kevin Chambliss


application/pdfRefining the Application Rates of Onsite Surface Application

by Clifford B. Fedler, Jordon Littlejohn, Runbin Duan, and Li Feng


application/pdfReview of Potential Onsite Wastewater Disinfection Technologies

by Clifford B. Fedler, Richard Francis, Dhiraj Parekh, and Samir Blanchet


application/pdfChanges in On-site Wastewater Treatment and Evaluation: Influent Equalization

by Joe C. Yelderman, Jr.


For information on additional TOWTRC funded projects, please review the following document:
application/pdfResearch Reports Funded by TOWTRC