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Stormwater Permitting Requirements for Medium and Large (Phase I) MS4s

Explains the requirements and steps for applying for a permit to authorize stormwater discharges from Phase I (medium and large) MS4s as well as annual reporting and discharge monitoring report requirements.

If you have an individual Phase I MS4 permit, then you must apply for a renewal permit from us at least 180 days before the existing permit expires.

Application Requirements

To renew coverage for your Phase I MS4:

  1. Complete the application form Microsoft Word Document. Be sure to prepare all attachments requested.

  2. Make sure the correct person signs the application form. See Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Section 305.44 for an explanation of who should sign the form.

  3. Submit the properly signed application form and all required attachments to:

    Application Review and Processing Team (MC-148) Water Quality Division
    Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
    PO Box 13087
    Austin TX 78711-3087
  4. Submit the application fee of $2,000.00, plus $15.00 postage for renewals or $50.00 postage for major amendments:

    • Make the check or money order out to “TCEQ.”

    • To ensure proper credit, write “Phase I application fee” in the memo line of your check or money order.

    • Send your payment under separate cover to:

      TCEQ Revenues Section (MC-214)
      PO Box 13088
      Austin TX 78711-3088

Annual Reporting Requirements for Phase I MS4s

If you are a Phase I MS4 operator, your individual TPDES permit includes an annual reporting requirement. The reporting deadline is unique for each permit and is often based on the permit issuance date or the MS4’s fiscal year.

TCEQ staff will conduct administrative reviews of these reports using an annual report review form Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, and this review checklist will be mailed to each operator who submitted a report.

Phase I MS4 annual reports must be submitted to the following address AND to the appropriate TCEQ Regional office, unless otherwise specified in the individual permit:

Stormwater Team Leader
TCEQ, Water Quality Division
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087


NOTE: Effective September 1, 2020, annual reports must be submitted using the online electronic reporting system available through the TCEQ website unless the permittee requests and obtains an electronic reporting waiver. However, at this time there is no electronic reporting system available through the TCEQ website for MS4 annual reporting. All Phase I MS4 operators must continue submitting annual reports to TCEQ by mail until the system is made available.

Discharge Monitoring Reports for Phase I MS4s

Most TPDES Phase I permits require discharge data to be submitted to the TCEQ in the annual report. Monitoring results must be submitted online using the NetDMR reporting system available through the TCEQ website unless the permittee requests and obtains an electronic reporting waiver. Permittees that are issued an electronic reporting waiver are required to submit analytical results to the TCEQ Enforcement Divison (MC-224) on an approved DMR form (EPA No 3320-1). DMR form Adobe Acrobat PDF Document. The reporting period for outfall monitoring may differ from the permit reporting year, so review your permit to determine what period the monitoring must cover.

EPA MS4 Permit Improvement Guide

On April 14, 2010, the U.S. EPA adopted the MS4 Permit Improvement Guide . The primary purpose of this guidance document is to assist permit writers at EPA and the states in strengthening Phase I and Phase II MS4 permits.

During the renewal of each individual Phase I MS4 permit, as well as during the Phase II MS4 General Permit (TXR040000) renewal, the TCEQ incorporated the recommendations of this document, as appropriate, into the TPDES MS4 permits.

Effect on Permit Requirements

Individual Phase I MS4 permits are processed as they are received for permit renewal. As requested by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) the Phase I MS4 permit renewals include additional requirements from the Phase II MS4 regulations where appropriate. For specific questions on your permit conditions, please contact the Stormwater Team.