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Biennial Report to the 88th Legislature, FY2021 - FY2022

Table of contents and report requirements for our biennial report, which covers activities for fiscal 2021 and 2022.


Chapter 1: Agency Highlights

Chapter 2: Agency Activities

Chapter 3: Legislation from the 87th Session

Chapter 4: Agency Resources

Appendix A: Assessment of Complaints Received

Appendix B: Permit Time-Frame Reduction and Tracking

Appendix C: Office of Public Interest Counsel Annual Report to the TCEQ

Appendix D: Evaluation of Water Basins in Texas Without a Watermaster

Appendix E: Vacancy Exceptional Item Request 

Report Requirements

TCEQ’s Biennial Report to the Legislature is published every December prior to a regular legislative session, as required by the Texas Water Code, Section 5.178. This submission to the 88th Legislature also contains other information and reports that are required by statute and were last published in December 2020 in the Biennial Report to the 87th Legislature (SFR-57/20):

  • Description of cooperative research efforts, page 27 [Water Code Section 5.1193].
  • Waste exchange information, page 44 [Texas Health and Safety Code Section 361.0219(c)].
  • Revenue spending from solid waste disposal and transportation fees, page 51 [THSC Sections 361.014(a) and (b)].
  • Assessment of complaints received, page 53 [Water Code Section 5.1773].
  • Permit time-frame reduction process, page 60 [Government Code, Section 2005.007].
  • Office of Public Interest Counsel evaluation of performance measures, page 68 [Water Code Section 5.2725].
  • Study on water basins without a watermaster, page 78 [Water Code Sections 11.326(g) and (h)].

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