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Mineral Wool Insulation Mfg. Co.

This Former Insulation Manufacturing Facility in Rogers, Bell County, is in the Operation and Maintenance Phase.

Site Summary

The Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturing Company site is located southeast of the intersection of Shaw Road and Neroc Road within the City of Rogers. The approximately 19-acre site is surrounded by residential areas along the east and south, inactive agricultural fields to the north and west, and railroad tracks along the southern border.

The eastern portion of the site contains a containment cell that was designed and constructed to consolidate spent iron shot waste, contaminated soil, and contaminated sediment.

Superfund Registry and Investigation

In 2006, the TCEQ proposed the site to the state Superfund registry and subsequently constructed a perimeter fence with warning signs to limit unauthorized access. In 2007, the TCEQ conducted a removal action consisting of removal of a former aboveground storage tank, blast furnace, and cooling tank and demolition and disposal of buildings that were located on site. The remedial investigation to determine the nature and extent of contamination was conducted from 2012 to 2017. The feasibility study to evaluate cleanup options was completed in 2017.

Remedial Action

On September 4, 2019, the TCEQ issued an administrative order, which selected the remedial action. The selected remedial action for the soil and sediment is consolidation and capping in an on-site containment cell. The selected remedy for the surface water and sediment in the cooling ponds is to drain and properly dispose of any water and excavate the remaining sediments in the containment cell. Institutional controls will also limit the site’s land use to commercial/industrial land use. The remedial design was completed in 2019. In 2020, the TCEQ completed the on-site containment cell.

Current Status

TCEQ continues to conduct operation and maintenance of the site, following the 2020 remedial action. The containment cell that contains consolidated waste materials and contaminated soil and sediment, as well as drainage features constructed to control stormwater runoff, are monitored and maintained.

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