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San Angelo Electric Service Company (SESCO)

This Former Electrical Transformer Builder, Service, and Repair Facility in San Angelo, Tom Green County is in the Voluntary Cleanup Program. No Further Required Superfund Environmental Response Actions.

Site Summary

SESCO, at 926 Pulliam Street in northeastern San Angelo, began in 1932 as an electric engine repair shop. In the mid-1940s, the company started building, repairing, and servicing electrical transformers.

During operations, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), volatile and semivolatile organic compounds, and inorganic metals were spilled, which contaminated soil and groundwater on and off the property.

Pursuant to a 1994 TCEQ agreed administrative order and a 2002 district court injunction, SESCO performed limited investigation and cleanup of the contamination before ceasing operations in 2003.

Cleanup Begins

After additional discharges from the facility in 2003, the TCEQ, to protect human health and the environment, excavated and removed contaminated soils and continued operating the groundwater recovery system to prevent the spread of contaminated groundwater.

In late 2004, a group of potentially responsible parties, known as the SESCO Site Working Group (SSWG), took over interim management of the site, including site security, operating the contaminated-groundwater recovery system, and implementing a groundwater monitoring program.

Superfund Registry

In December 2005, the TCEQ proposed the site to the state Superfund registry. In September 2006, SSWG entered into an agreed administrative order with the TCEQ to conduct the remedial investigation and feasibility study, removal actions, and operations and maintenance activities at the site.

By the fall of 2012 the SSWG had completed the remedial investigation and the feasibility study, and the TCEQ approved both of them.

Voluntary Cleanup

The TCEQ held a public meeting in June 2013, to discuss the proposed remedial action for the site. In June 2014, the SSWG entered into an agreement with the TCEQ to remediate the site under the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). Because the site is being addressed under the VCP, in September 2014, the TCEQ deleted it from the Superfund registry.


No further Superfund environmental response actions are required. The site is being remediated under the VCP (VCP ID 2668).