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Drinking Water Survey Reports

Provides information on complying with Texas Water Code 26.408.

New Report Required for Sites with Groundwater Contamination

The Texas Water Code (TWC) §26.408 requires the TCEQ, within 30 days of the date the TCEQ receives notice or otherwise becomes aware of groundwater contamination, to notify owners and users of private drinking water wells that may be affected by the groundwater contamination (ingestion standards exceeded).

The TCEQ needs critical local drinking water supply information and private water well locations within a short time frame to implement TWC §26.408. The Drinking Water Survey Report has been revised to facilitate collecting and reporting information on water wells and sources of drinking water in the area near groundwater contamination reported to the TCEQ on or after September 1, 2003.

To ensure a timely response, we ask that the person submit the Drinking Water Survey Report at the same time as reporting groundwater contamination. If the Remediation Division has to ask for a Drinking Water Survey Report, the person will need to reply within 3 days as to whether they will conduct a search for water wells, and then must submit the completed Drinking Water Survey Report within 18 days of receiving the request from us. Therefore, in order to avoid the short time frame, submit the Drinking Water Survey Report at the same time as reporting a new case of groundwater contamination to the Remediation Division.

Guidance and Forms

Review the guidance document, Preparation of a Drinking Water Survey Report (RG-428), revised January 2010, which outlines the minimum procedures necessary to prepare and submit a Drinking Water Survey Report to the Remediation Division.

Use this Transmittal Form, revised August 2009, when submitting a Drinking Water Survey Report.

Instructions for Collecting and Submitting Site and Private Water Well Location Information.

Use the instructions in Appendix B of RG-428 on how to collect and format locational data on water wells found during the field survey.

Database formats

As requested in the Instructions above, please submit locational data for all water wells found during the water well field surveys. Following is the standard spreadsheet file format to help you with this effort.

private water well spreadsheet- populate this spreadsheet with water well locational information.

Contact Us

For cases already assigned, contact your Remediation Division project manager. For general questions regarding TWC §26.408, contact the Remediation Division at 512-239-2200.