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Operating a Surface Water Treatment Plant

Requirements for surface water treatment plant (SWTP) operation. Disinfection in a SWTP. Technologies for treating surface water.

Topics Under this Category

CT Study Information
A Concentration-Time (CT) study is a formal determination of the disinfectant concentrations and the effective contact time provided by a given treatment plant.
Controlling Nitrification in Chloraminating Water Systems
How to detect and prevent the formation of nitrites and nitrates from residual chloramine disinfectant or free ammonia in a water distribution system.
Forms, Instructions, and Guidance for Surface Water Monthly Operating Reports (SWMORs)
Each public water system that operates a surface water treatment plant to produce drinking water from surface water, or from groundwater that is under the direct influence of surface water, must submit monthly data to the TCEQ. This page tells system operators how to choose the correct version of the Surface Water Monthly Operating Report (SWMOR).
How to Find a Licensed Water Operator
How to use our database to find out whether an operator's certification is up to date, including current continuing education credits.
How to Find a Water Operations Company
How to use our database to find out whether a water operations company has a current registration.
Turbidity Boil Water Notification
Procedure to follow to issue boil water notice for high turbidity in treated surface water.