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Instream Uses Program

Reviewing water rights applications for possible environmental impacts, resources for applicants, and links to rules.

Environmental Reviews of Water Right Applications

In river basin and bay systems with adopted environmental flow standards, staff applies these standards to applications for new appropriations of water. (Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 298). See the Environmental Flows page.

In basins with no standards, staff evaluates available information related to a proposed water project to consider potential impacts to fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, and instream uses associated with the affected body of water and downstream areas.

If the project is within 200 river miles from the Texas coast, freshwater inflows to bays and estuaries are also addressed.

Once the information is gathered and assimilated, staff makes a recommendation about the type of restriction or condition which might be required to satisfy environmental concerns.

Information You Need for Your Applications

If you are preparing a water right permit application you willl need to provide the information described in the Supplemental Environmental Information Sheet Acrobat version supplemental environmental information sheet.

Texas Instream Flow Program

This cooperative program Exit the TCEQ was jointly established and is maintained by the TCEQ, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the Texas Water Development Board. The program collects and evaluates instream flow data and studies and analyzes methodologies for determining the flow conditions that support a sound ecological environment in the state's rivers and streams. (Senate Bill 2, 7th Texas legislative session) Texas Water Code 16.059 Exit the TCEQ.


Basin and Bay Systems With Adopted Flow standards:

Basins With No Adopted Environmental Flows Rules

For more information on the Instream Uses Program, please call 512-239-4691.

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