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Surface Water Rights and Availability

Water rights in Texas, water conservation plans, drought contingency plans, environmental flows, and ensuring compliance.

 HOT Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, submit all water rights applications or change of ownership requests online. Water right applications may be submitted directly to Amy Settemeyer, Section Manager, at amy.settemeyer@tceq.texas.gov. Change of Ownership requests may be submitted directly to Joe Nicosia at joe.nicosia@tceq.texas.gov.

If the files are too large to be submitted via e-mail, TCEQ's FTP may be utilized. Please visit the FTP help siteExit the TCEQ HOT for more information on how to transfer . If you submit via FTP, please notify Amy or Joe as appropriate.

Please submit any payments for water rights applications or change of ownerships to the TCEQ Central Office, Mail Code 160 for processing.

HOT TCEQ Water Rights ViewerExit the TCEQ - The TCEQ Water Rights Viewer includes information about water rights authorizations and other water related information. A user can find information about the location of authorized water rights points, a copy of the water right and the Adjudication Final Determination, current ownership of the water right, recent water use data, and TCEQ’s adopted environmental flow standards.

Water Rights: Permits

Water Rights: Technical Resources

Rules and Regulations


Water use is regulated by watermaster programs in some areas.

TCEQ Regional Offices

Contact a local TCEQ office to submit a complaint or to request temporary use of state water.

Assistance for Small Business and Local Government

Resources specifically tailored to help small business and local governments comply with environmental regulations.