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Surface Water Rights and Availability

Water rights in Texas, water conservation plans, drought contingency plans, environmental flows, and ensuring compliance.


HOT TCEQ Water Rights ViewerExit the TCEQ - The TCEQ Water Rights Viewer includes information about water rights authorizations and other water related information. A user can find information about the location of authorized water rights points, a copy of the water right and the Adjudication Final Determination, current ownership of the water right, recent water use data, and TCEQ’s adopted environmental flow standards.

Water Rights: Permits

Water Rights: Technical Resources

Rules and Regulations


Water use is regulated by watermaster programs in some areas.

TCEQ Regional Offices

Contact a local TCEQ office to submit a complaint or to request temporary use of state water.

Assistance for Small Business and Local Government

Resources specifically tailored to help small business and local governments comply with environmental regulations.