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Water Rights and Water Use Data

Information on active and inactive water rights and water use data. GIS information and data files.

Water Rights Data Files

These files contain all active and inactive surface water rights permits and water supply contracts. The files include the water right holder, basin, amount of water authorized, and more.

Definitions of each field in the data files can be found in the corresponding data dictionaries.

For further questions, contact the Water Rights Permitting Team at 512-239-4600.

Water Use Data Files

These files contain amounts of water used by water right holders in non-watermaster areas of the state. This information is self-reported each year.

For water use data in non-Watermaster areas, contact the Water Rights Compliance Assurance Team at 512-239-4600.

For water use data in Watermaster areas, contact the office in your region:
South Texas: 1-800-733-2733
Concho River: 1-866-314-4894
Rio Grande: 1-800-609-1219
Brazos: 1-844-828-6424

GIS Maps and Data

The agency standard used for zipping files is the freeware 7ZIP. If you experience difficulties downloading and extracting data from our site, please try the following:1) download the 7ZIP software from the web and use it to extract the data; and/or 2) contact your IT department and confirm that there are no limitations for downloading the files. The file extensions inside the zip files may be blocked by your firewall. If you still cannot download the data, please contact us at

Surface Water Rights Diversion Points: GIS data for locations of water rights.