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Landscape Irrigation

Training, licensing, rules, and regulations for landscape irrigators. Find a licensed individual or make a complaint about one.

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Irrigator Advisory Council

This group advises TCEQ on matters related to the practice of landscape irrigation.

May 2, 2024 - IAC Meeting Agenda

Landscape Irrigation: Requirements and Resources
Links to pages on Landscape Irrigation at the national, state, and local levels.

Quick Reference Guide (October 2020) Guide to All Changes to 30 TAC Chapter 344 Rules Pertaining to Landscape Irrigation

Complaints and Enforcement

Track Complaints and Enforcement
Search TCEQ databases and reports for the status of complaints and enforcement actions.
Make a Complaint About a Landscape Irrigator
How to file a complaint and what to expect. Information about the rules governing landscape irrigation.
House Bill 2507 - Unlicensed Irrigator
Complaints against an unlicensed irrigator can now be filed in Municipal and Justice of the Peace courts, and law enforcement officers can issue a ticket; both citing a violation of Texas Occupational Code, Sec. 1903.256.

Licensing and Registration

Search Licensing or Registration Information
Find licensed or registered landscape irrigators and companies.
Seal Requirements for Landscape Irrigators
Each irrigator, upon being licensed with the commission, shall obtain a seal. Licensed irrigators shall not engage in any landscape irrigation services without physical possession of the seal and the license. The irrigator is responsible for the security of the seal.
TCEQ Occupational License and Registration Online Renewal
Requirements and eligibility for renewing a company or individual license or registration, including forms and links to renew online.

Rules and Requirements

Landscape Irrigation Rules and Publications
30 TAC 344 and publications.
Chemical injection into Irrigation System – Backflow Requirements
When fertilizer, insect repellent, or any other chemical is injected into an irrigation system, a Reduced Pressure Assembly backflow prevention device must be used to protect public water supply from contamination.