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Landscape Irrigation: Requirements and Resources

Tools for irrigators, homeowners, or municipalities. Links to information about landscape irrigation and water conservation at the national, state, and local levels.

Many Texas municipalities are adopting landscape-irrigation ordinances; some current ordinances appear at the webpages below. Please check back frequently - the program will update this page as more resources are gathered.

Plan Review and Inspection Tools

  • application/pdfSample Irrigation Plan This sample plan displays the items required by Chapter 344 rules. It is only an example and is not intended for installation purposes. All designs should reflect local codes and specifications.
  • application/pdfLandscape Irrigation Plan Checklist Irrigators, inspectors, cities, and municipalities use this checklist to ensure irrigation system plans are correct and complete prior to review and approval.
  • application/pdfFinal Inspection Checklist Irrigators, inspectors, cities, and municipalities use this checklist to perform a complete and thorough final inspection on a new irrigation installation.

National and Statewide

Resources for Texas Localities

Considering a Home Sprinkler System?Exit the TCEQ
application/pdfHiring a Landscaping Professional Exit the TCEQ
Building Inspection: Plumbing and Mechanical SectionExit the TCEQ
Irrigation InstallationExit the TCEQ
Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention ProgramExit the TCEQ
Text of landscape-irrigation ordinanceExit the TCEQ
Utilities DepartmentExit the TCEQ (with links pertaining to landscape irrigation)
Irrigation SystemsExit the TCEQ (with links to permit application, requirements, and checklist)
San Antonio
application/pdfRelevant ordinance Exit the TCEQ
application/pdfTree/Landscaping/Irrigation Review Team Exit the TCEQ