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Make a Complaint About a Landscape Irrigator

How to file a complaint and what to expect. Information about the rules governing landscape irrigation.

How do I file a complaint?

Complaints regarding landscape irrigation need to be filed with the local program, if available. Any city, town, county, special district, other political subdivision of the state, or water supplier may develop a landscape irrigation program and municipalities with a population of greater than 20,000 are required to adopt a landscape irrigation program. If the local landscape irrigation authority is not resolving the complaint in a timely fashion, notify the irrigation authority's supervising entity (mayor, aldermen, boards, water program manager, county judge, county commissioner, etc.). If the complaint is still not resolved within a reasonable time, contact TCEQ staff at 512-239-LAWN or at

The TCEQ Landscape Irrigation Program accepts complaints when there is no local jurisdiction. We encourage you to include supporting documentation with any complaint submittal. To file a complaint, please use our new online complaint form. Complaints may also be submitted by mail to: TCEQ, Landscape Irrigation Program, MC-235, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3.

How will the complaint be resolved?

The complaint will be investigated to make sure it is valid and within TCEQ’s jurisdiction.

When a complaint is found to be valid, the investigator may:

  • facilitate an agreement between you and the license holder that allows the license holder time to correct the alleged violation or
  • forward the complaint to the enforcement division, which may result in:
    • assessment of administrative penalties, and/or
    • suspension or revocation of a license.

Will TCEQ get my money back for me?

No, TCEQ has no authority to recover any funds you lose because of the negligence of a license holder. You may have to use other legal avenues to recover your money.

What laws and rules regulate landscape irrigation?

Who can I contact for more information?

You can reach TCEQ staff at 512-239-LAWN or at