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Irrigator Advisory Council

This group advises TCEQ on matters related to the practice of landscape irrigation.

The Irrigator Advisory Council advises TCEQ about matters related to landscape irrigation. This council does not deal with agricultural irrigation.

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The Irrigator Advisory Council is composed of nine members who are appointed by the commission. The authority for the council is found in Chapter 1903 of the Texas Occupations Code Chapter 344

Charles Swanson - Chair
Licensed Irrigator - LI16931
College Station
TERM EXPIRES: February 2025

James Garvin - Vice Chair
Licensed Irrigator - 20828
TERM EXPIRES: February 2027

DJ Seeger
Licensed Irrigator - LI0025137
San Antonio
TERM EXPIRES: February 2029

Norman Werback
Licensed Irrigator - LI0013721
Dallas-Fort Worth
TERM EXPIRES: February 2029

David Moulton
Licensed Irrigator - LI0016835
TERM EXPIRES: February 2025

Jimmy Burgdorf
Licensed Irrigator - 8675
TERM EXPIRES: February 2027

Monique Cogburn
Public Member
San Antonio
TERM EXPIRES: February 2029

Donna Starling
Public Member
Flower Mound
TERM EXPIRES: February 2025

Mark Peterson
Public Member
San Antonio
TERM EXPIRES: February 2027

  • 2024 First Quarter – February 1, 2024
  • 2024 Secord Quarter – May 2, 2024
  • 2024 Third Quarter – August 1, 2024
  • 2024 Fourth Quarter – November 7, 2024

Licensed irrigators that are no longer practicing landscape irrigators may request TCEQ to withdraw their "active" irrigation status. Irrigators that hold an "Honorary License" are not required to take continuing education courses or pay fees.

To qualify for an "Honorary License" an irrigator should submit to the TCEQ the following information:

  • a request signed by the irrigator or if the irrigator is deceased, a family member;
  • the license number;
  • the date issued; and
  • mailing address.

Irrigators, companies, or family members may contact an Irrigator Advisory Council member by email at Please indicate Irrigator Advisory Council in the subject line. Local associations may be contacted for assistance in assembling the needed information.

TCEQ will verify the information, remove the "active" status, and issue a certificate.

If an irrigator later decides to become "active", the irrigator will have to meet all current TCEQ requirements.

Listing of Honorary Licenses issued by the TCEQ

For further information, call the TCEQ Landscape Irrigation Program at (512) 239-LAWN(5296) or email Please indicate "Irrigator Advisory Council" in the subject line.