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Instream Uses Program

Reviewing water rights applications for possible environmental impacts, resources for applicants, and links to rules.

Environmental Reviews of Water Right Applications

In river basin and bay systems with adopted environmental flow standards, staff applies these standards to applications for new appropriations of water. (Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 298) . The adopted environmental flow standards only apply to new appropriations of water; however, staff may use the numerical values in the adopted standards in other permitting actions such as amendments to water rights. See the Environmental Flows page for more information about the standards and how they are implemented.

In basins with no adopted environmental flow standards (Canadian, Red, Sulphur, Cypress), staff evaluates available information related to a proposed water project to consider potential impacts to fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, and instream uses associated with the affected body of water and downstream areas. See Texas Water Code 11.122, 11.147, 11.150, 11.152 and 30 TAC 297.45 and 297.53-297.56

During technical review of the application, staff will determine whether or not any special conditions are required to satisfy environmental concerns.

Information You Need for Your Applications

Information required for the environmental review is specified in the water rights application form.

For more information on the Instream Uses Program, please call 512-239-4600.

Other Resources and Links