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About Agenda Backup Materials

What agenda backup documents are and which documents are included in e-Agendas.

Beginning March 7, 2007, the PDFs of our agenda documents include hyperlinks (docket numbers highlighted in blue) that enable the user to view agenda backup documents [documents pertaining to a particular matter that have been filed with the Office of the Chief Clerk (OCC) and distributed to the commissioners for their consideration].

To view all agenda backup in person including those documents not found in the hyperlinks below, please visit OCC at 12100 Park 35 Circle, Building F, Suite 1101 (30 TAC § 1.10).

Updates to backup documents will be noted by a purple indicator.

Please note that some documents such as those of irregular size (i.e. oversized maps) cannot be viewed here and that color documents will be posted here in black and white.

Finally, parties are still required to submit an original and 7 copies of documents filed for Commission consideration (30 TAC § 1.10(d)).