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Directory: Office of Waste

Contacts and phone numbers for the Office of Waste.

MAIN LINE: 512-239-2300
FAX: 239-0659

The area code for all phone numbers is 512 unless otherwise indicated. MC stands for mail code. Please use the indicated mail code when addressing mail to the agency. See TCEQ address information.

DirectorBrent WadeMC 123239-6566
Executive AssistantAngela MotlochMC 123239-6014
Technical SpecialistBill Shafford, P.E.MC 123239-6651
Budget LiaisonMark HenrichsMC 123239-2050

Occupational Licensing and Registration Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-5176
FAX: 239-5182

Deputy DirectorJaya Zyman, P.E.MC 223239-2012
Special AssistantRebecca MooreMC 223239-2463
Executive AssistantSarah WardMC 223239-6349
Web AdministratorRobin MaiorisiMC 223239-0668
Budget AnalystGeneva KesselMC 223239-5176
Administrative AssistantDarren MorganMC 223239-5176
Occupational Licensing SectionMC 178239-6133FAX: 239-6272
ManagerTamara CalhounMC 178239-2262
Special AssistantKenneth SmithMC 178239-1189
Administrative AssistantMelissa ZiemerMC 178239-0316
Licensing TeamTeresa EtheredgeMC 178239-6325
Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
Customer Service Inspectors Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
LPST Corrective Action Specialist and Project Manager Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
Landscape Irrigator Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
Municipal Solid Waste Supervisor Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
On-Site Sewage Facility Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
Water Treatment Specialist Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
Stage II Vapor Recovery Facility Representative ProgramMC 178239-6133
UST Contractor and On-Site Supervisor Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
Visible Emissions Evaluator ProgramMC 178239-6133
Occupational Licensing Training ProvidersMC 178239-6133
Water and Wastewater Operations Company Registration ProgramMC 178239-6133
Wastewater Operator Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
Water Operator Licensing ProgramMC 178239-6133
Registration and Reporting SectionMC 129239-6833
ManagerShannon FrazierMC 129239-2154
Program Support CoordinatorAndi WindhamMC 138239-1395
Administrative AssistantJacquelin ReyesMC 129239-6149
Industrial and Hazardous Waste Registrations MC 129239-6413FAX: 239-6410
Sludge Transporter RegistrationsMC 129239-6413FAX: 239-6410
Aggregate Production Operations RegistrationsMC 129239-6413FAX: 239-6410
Used Oil Collection Center and Handler RegistrationsMC 129239-6413FAX: 239-6410
Medical Waste Transporter RegistrationsMC 129239-6413FAX: 239-6410
Enclosed Container/Stationary Compactor Permits by RuleMC 129239-6413FAX: 239-6410
Clean Water Certification for BoatsMC 129239-6413FAX: 239-6410
Petroleum Storage Tank RegistrationsMC 138239-2160FAX: 239-3399 or 239-3398
Dry Cleaner RegistrationsMC 138239-2160FAX: 239-3399 or 239-3398
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Radioactive Materials Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-6466
FAX: 239-6464
Deputy DirectorAshley ForbesMC 233239-0493
Special AssistantAlisha StallardMC 233239-6453
Management AnalystRachel KradjelMC 233239-0609
Technical SpecialistBrad BroussardMC 233239-6380
Budget LiaisonGeneva KesselMC 233239-1507
Budget AnalystKathryn PlochMC 233239-6577
Contract SpecialistAndrea GreenbergMC 233239-0645
Radioactive Materials SectionMC 233239-6466
ManagerChance Goodin  MC 233239-1923
Underground Injection Control Permits SectionMC 233239-6466
ManagerBryan Smith, P.G.MC 233239-6075
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Remediation Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-2201
FAX: 239-6400
Deputy DirectorBeth SeatonMC 225239-2526
Assistant Deputy DirectorMonica Harris, P.G.MC 225239-5906
Special AssistantKelly PeavlerMC 225239-1352
Executive AssistantMelissa SebekMC 225239-4677
Management AnalystAnna BrullothsMC 225239-5052
Division Support SectionMC 102239-2201FAX: 239-2070
ManagerCraig WattsMC 102239-0347
Technical Program Support TeamMike Aplin, M.S.MC 102239-1792
Contract Support TeamSharon AddisonMC 102239-0263
Budget and Administrative SupportGreg Harris, CPAMC 102239-0246
Budget AnalystJaney SaucedoMC 102239-4405
Superfund SectionMC 136239-2201FAX: 239-2450
ManagerSharon Barker, P.G.MC 136239-2473
Team 1Kristian LivingstonMC 136239-2252
Team 2Eric White, P.E.MC 136239-2009
Team 3Terry Andrews, P.G.MC R12713-767-3560
Petroleum Storage Tank/Dry Cleaner Remediation Program SectionMC 137239-2201FAX: 239-2216
ManagerPrasanthi Bollineni, P.E.MC 137239-2266
Team 1Stacey DunahooMC 137239-0379
Team 2Joyce Sirota, P.G.MC 137239-6711
Team 3Danielle LesikarMC 137239-2268
Voluntary Cleanup Program/Corrective Action SectionMC 221239-2201FAX: 239-1212/2346
ManagerMerrie Smith, P.G.MC 221239-5051
Team 1Satya Dwivedula, P.E.MC 127239-3548
Team 2Iryna KushnirskyMC 221239-1471
Team 3Richard Scharlach, P.G.MC 221239-1787
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Waste Permits Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-2335
FAX: 239-2007
Deputy DirectorCharly FritzMC 126239-2331
Executive AssistantMadeleine CooglerMC 126239-2324
Budget AnalystNatalie SkeltonMC 126239-5532
Rule LiaisonJarita SepulvadoMC 126239-4413
Management AnalystVacantMC 126239-2335
Business and Program Services SectionMC 126239-2335
ManagerVacantMC 126239-2335
Team LeaderSantos OlivarezMC 126239-4718
Industrial and Hazardous Waste Permits SectionMC 130239-2335
ManagerGulay AkiMC 130239-2340
Permits Team 1Mario PerezMC 130239-6681
Permits Team 2Chirag PatelMC 130239-6904
Municipal Solid Waste Permits SectionMC 124239-2335
ManagerMegan HensonMC 124239-1165
Permits Team 1Nikki ClarkMC 124239-3931
Permits Team 2Burgess StenglMC 124239-6229
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