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Charges to Delinquent Accounts for Recovery of Collection Costs

The TCEQ charges delinquent accounts for the recovery of collection costs.

We recover collection agency costs through a "collection cost recovery" invoice that appears as a separate charge on TCEQ billing statements. The charge is billed at a rate of up to 30 percent for each invoice referred to our collection agency to recover the commission costs payable to the collection agency. Total collection cost recovery charges are summarized in a box at the top of the billing statement.

Who Is Subject to This Charge?

This charge only applies to accounts that are at least 90 days delinquent and have been referred to our contracted collection agency.

What Is the Statutory Authority for This Charge?

Texas Government Code, Section 2107.003. Go to and follow the path to "Government Code" and Chapter 2107.

Why does the TCEQ Pass on This Cost?

When an account is referred to the collection agency, we pay a commission to the collection agency on amounts collected, which reduces the amount of revenue that the state receives. We assess this legally-authorized charge to recover this lost revenue.

How Can I Prevent This Charge?

  • Maintain a correct billing address with the TCEQ, and
  • Pay your outstanding invoices before 90 days have elapsed.

Please note that accounts will continue to accrue late fees for failure to pay within our payment terms of 30 days from invoice transaction date as reflected on billing statements. Collection cost recovery is an additional charge.


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