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Delinquent Fees and Penalties Will Affect Processing Your TCEQ Application

The TCEQ defines delinquent accounts to include those entities or people** who owe at least $25 in delinquent penalties or fees. This threshold is the same amount used by us to place an entity on Warrant Hold with the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

See the full Protocol for Delinquent Fees and Penalties, including implementation and background information.

Protocol Basics

The TCEQ does not issue, amend, or renew permits, registrations, certifications, or licenses to an entity or person** who is delinquent on any penalties or fees.

  • We do not declare any application administratively complete that is submitted by a person or entity who is delinquent on a fee or penalty until the fee/penalty is paid, or if on an approved installment plan, that payments under the plan are current.
  • We withhold final action on an application if we discover after the application is considered administratively complete that the owner or entity who submitted the application is delinquent on a fee or penalty until the fee/penalty is paid and the account is current.

If delinquent fees/penalties are owed, we give the applicant 30 days or less to make payment according to the specific program rules. If payment is not received in the established time frame, the application will not be processed and will not be declared administratively complete (if in administrative review) or will be voided or denied (if in technical review).

[**The decision to stop an application is based on whether there are delinquent fees or penalties associated with a person or entity's Customer Number (CN), not just that particular regulated entity. This also includes delinquent fees/penalties across media — for example, a delinquent air fee would hold up the processing of a water permit. To find a Customer Number, search the Central Registry.]

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Finding Out What You Owe

How do I find out what I owe?

Each month, we mail invoices to entities that have a balance due. Contact our Financial Administration Division at 512-239-0369 to inquire about your account. Have your account number(s) ready when you call.

How do I find out which facility that fee belongs to?

There are several ways. With the initial invoice, we provide a list of facilities associated with your account. You may also check using our Central Registry database. You may also contact our Financial Administration Division at 512-239-0369 to inquire about your account.

What do I do if the fee was incurred before I bought the facility?

Contact our Financial Administration Division at 512-239-0369. They will assist you in reaching program area staff to evaluate liability for a particular invoice.

Making a Payment

Can I pay online?

Yes. You may access our electronic payment portal, ePay. Please note the transaction limits for using credit cards posted on the login page.

Where do I mail the check?

  • If not paying by ePay, we encourage you to use the tear-off coupon with your invoice and mail your check to TCEQ, P.O. Box 13089, Austin, TX 78711-3089.
  • If you are paying without a coupon, regular U.S. mail should be sent to TCEQ, P.O. Box 13088, Austin, TX 78711-3088.
  • If you are using a delivery service (such as Fedex or UPS), our physical address for payment is TCEQ Cashier’s Office, MC 214, 12100 Park 35 Circle, Austin, TX 78753.

How do I make sure that the payment made by check ends up in the right account?

To ensure that your payment is applied to the proper account, please write your account number on your check. It is best to enclose the coupon that is at the top of your invoice with your payment, and mail your payment to the address on the reverse side of the coupon. This type of payment is processed electronically. If you are paying multiple accounts with one check, clearly identify the accounts and amounts you are paying.

I received a letter that states I am to send payment documentation to the TCEQ program holding my paperwork. What documentation is acceptable?

Payment documentation could include a canceled check. It could also include a copy of the check or pertinent check information so that the payor, check number, and amount are available for us to locate on internal reports. It could also include a voucher number from the ePay system or a screen print of the voucher page from ePay.

I don't have the money to pay. Can I set up a payment plan?

Payment plans are determined case by case. Contact our Financial Administration Division at 512-239-0369 to speak to a fee coordinator for assistance. Please note that your past efforts to pay us your fees and penalties will be a consideration. A substantial down payment will be required for any payment plan agreement.


This delinquent protocol applies to all fees and applications submitted via ePermits. The information is updated daily across all systems, and once you make a payment in ePermits, you are able to complete your permit or application.

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Billing Addresses

The bill went to the wrong address; do I still have to pay the late fee?

Maintaining proper address information with us is the customer's responsibility. If a customer fulfills this responsibility and we err in using an incorrect address, late fees may be credited.

I have fees in several program areas. Can I change my billing address with one phone call or one letter?

Statutory provisions and/or regulations require different methods of notification of changes. Until further notice, customers must contact each specific TCEQ program with billing address corrections.

Information for Dry Cleaners

I own an active dry cleaning facility or drop station and I have not paid all of my registration fees. Will this affect my Application for Ranking?

Yes, if you are not current with all dry cleaning fees, fines, penalties, and interest owed to us for all of your facilities and drop stations, you are not eligible for corrective action using the fund until those fees are paid in full.

I am an eligible landowner applying to the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program (DCRP), but the active dry cleaning facility for which I am applying is currently delinquent on registration fees. Will my Application for Ranking still be accepted by the TCEQ?

Any application submitted by a person or entity who is delinquent on a fee or penalty will not be declared administratively complete until fees and penalties are paid or current. If the outstanding fees are not paid within 30 days, we will return the application to the applicant unprocessed.

Although my site is currently delinquent with the TCEQ, the DCRP has determined that all appropriate closure standards have been met. When will I receive the "No Further Action Letter" documenting completion of corrective actions?

We will withhold final action on a site if we discover that the owner or entity who submitted the application is delinquent on fees or penalties until such time as the fees and penalties are paid or current.


Billing for fees or penalties: 512-239-0369
Delinquent protocol followed by the TCEQ: 512-239-0369

Or email:

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