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Dallas–Fort Worth Photochemical Modeling Technical Committee

An advisory group to assist the TCEQ with technical and scientific issues related to air quality modeling and analysis in the Dallas–Fort Worth area.

The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Photochemical Modeling Technical Committee (PMTC) meetings were held to present air quality modeling, data analysis, research, and agency planning efforts.

July 16, 2019 Presenter
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Area Attainment Demonstration Modeling for a 2020 Future Year Under the 2008 Eight-Hour Ozone Standard Chris Kite — TCEQ
International Transport and Background Shantha Daniel, Ph.D. — TCEQ
Local Initiatives Jenny Narvaez — North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)
Regional Resources Jenny Narvaez and Lori Clark — NCTCOG

2013-2014 Meeting Materials

2010-2011 Meeting Materials

July 7, 2011 Presenter
Agenda   Minutes  
MOVES and Conformity Chris Klaus—NCTCOG
MOVES On-Road Mobile Source Emission Inventory Development Chris Kite—TCEQ
2006/2012 DFW Modeling Update with MOVES Doug Boyer—TCEQ
November 5, 2010 Presenter
Agenda   Minutes  
2006/2012 DFW Modeling Update Doug Boyer—TCEQ
A Preliminary Analysis of New NOx Data in the DFW Area for 2010 Fernando Mercado—TCEQ
October 1, 2010 Presenter
Agenda   Minutes  
DFW Area On-Road Mobile Source Emission Inventories Chris Kite—TCEQ
2012 DFW Modeling Update Doug Boyer—TCEQ
August 31, 2010 Presenter
Agenda   Minutes  
DFW Conceptual Model Summary Fernando Mercado—TCEQ
DFW Ozone Design Values Related to Economic Conditions Dave Westenbarger—TCEQ
DFW Modeling Time Line and Episode Doug Boyer—TCEQ
DFW Modeling Update Doug Boyer—TCEQ
EPA Ozone Standard and Clean Air Transport Rule Update Erik Snyder—EPA

2004-2006 Meeting Materials

September 15, 2006 Presenter
Conditions that Favor High Ozone in DFW Fernando Mercado
Update on DFW Design Value Calculations Pete Breitenbach
August 11, 2006 Presenter
TCEQ Modeling Update Pete Breitenbach
July 6, 2006 Presenter
Agenda   Minutes  
DFW Modeling Update Pete Breitenbach
April 7, 2006 Presenter
Agenda   Minutes  
DFW Future Case Modeling: 2009 Update and Sensitivity Tests Pete Breitenbach
March 2, 2006 Presenter
Agenda   Minutes  
2009 Future Case Modeling Pete Breitenbach
New EPA Proposals for Particulate Pollution Standards Kasey Savanich, Erik Gribbin
February 2, 2006 Presenter
DFW Modeling Update Pete Breitenbach
DFW Modeling Status Pete Breitenbach
EPA Presentation on DFW SIP David Schanbacher
Path Forward—DFW Emissions Inventory Candy Garrett
November 3, 2005 Presenter
DFW Modeling: Update on Modeling Sensitivity Tests Pete Breitenbach
September 1, 2005 Presenter
DFW Modeling: Status Report Modeling and Field Studies Pete Breitenbach
July 7, 2005 Presenter
DFW Future Case Modeling: APCA, CAIR, and Response Curves Pete Breitenbach
DFW SIP Revision Time Line—2009 Future Inventory Tom Lawshae
TCEQ Modeling Update (Presentation at June 30, 2005 North Texas Clean Air Steering Committee Meeting) Brian Foster
May 5, 2005 Presenter
Preparing Point Source EI for Ozone SIP Modeling Ron Thomas
Modeling Area and Nonraod EI Jim MacKay
PM2.5 Design Value in Texas Kasey Savanich and Fernando Mercado
TERC Project H35 Update Jay Olaguer
Outline for a Scope of Work / Statement of Work for Cement Kilns (draft) Karen Hill
Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) EPA Region 6
March 3, 2005 Presenter
DFW Modeling Update and Episode Extension Comparison Pete Breitenbach
Quantitative Comparison of VOC:NOx Ratios in DFW Fernando Mercado
January 16, 2005 Presenter
DFW Ozone Season Review Brian Foster
November 19, 2004 Presenter
DFW 1999 Base Case Modeling Evaluation Pete Breitenbach
Process Analysis of CAMx Modeling of DFW 1999 Episode Mark Estes
DFW New Episode Considerations and Screening Pete Breitenbach
DFW SIP Revision Time Line—2009 Future Inventory Tom Lawshae