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Voluntary Mobile Emissions Reductions Program (VMEP)

Information and links to documents about the Voluntary Mobile Emissions Reduction Program (VMEP).

The Voluntary Mobile Emissions Reduction Program (VMEP) is a voluntary control strategy under Texas’ State Implementation Plan (SIP). This page provides information and downloadable documents about this control strategy.


Areas affected: Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB), Dallas-Fort-Worth (DFW)
Start date: N/A
End date: None
Applicability Period: Year-round
Source type: On-road mobile source, Off-road mobile source
Emissions targeted: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Rule/Citation: N/A

Description: The Voluntary Mobile Emissions Reduction Program includes a number of voluntary measures aimed at reducing emissions from motor vehicles beyond the mandated reductions. Some include alternative fuels, employee trip reduction, public education, ozone-season fare reduction, sustainable development, non-road ozone-season reductions, tier II locomotive engines, off-road heavy duty diesel engine retrofits, and vehicle retirement and maintenance.

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Related Rules

The VMEP is voluntary and implemented largely at the local level; therefore, no rules have been written by the TCEQ for this measure.

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Additional Materials

Help with PDF and Downloading Files.

Title Date Description PDF
Appendix F.7—Documentation of VMEPs, HGB Mid-Course Review SIP Dec 2004 Dec 1, 2004 HGAC report detailing the 2007 VMEP benefits for the eight-county HGA area
App. K—HGAC Documentation of VMEPs
HGB SIP Dec 2000
Dec 6, 2000 Appendix in the HGB SIP that describes the current VMEP measures for the HGB area
DFW SIP Apr 2000 Apr 19, 2000 Current DFW-area VMEPs are described on pages 6-14 to 6-38 of this SIP


VMEP Agreements

Some VMEP strategies have involved forming agreements between the TCEQ and entities voluntarily committing to reductions attributable to the VMEP program. The following agreements are available for download:

Title Date PDF
HGB Railroad Program Dec 2000
HGB Area Tugboat and Towing Vessel Program June 2001
HGB TxDOT Ferries May 2002

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