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SIP Revision: Dallas-Fort Worth, February 24, 1999

Revision to the State Implementation Plan for Dallas-Fort Worth adopted on February 24, 1999.

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On February 24, 1999, the TCEQ adopted a revision to the Texas State Implementation Plan (SIP) for the Dallas–Fort Worth (DFW) area. This page provides information on this revision to the SIP.

About the Revision

Adoption Date: 02/24/1999
Proposal Date: 10/21/1998
Key Changes: This SIP revision addressed the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) requirement that a new SIP revision regarding attainment of the ozone standard in DFW be submitted by March 20, 1999. The adopted SIP revision also included the Rate of Progress toward satisfying the EPA’s requirement of reasonable further progress in emission reductions for the DFW area for 1997 through 1999.

EPA Action: Due to time constraints, the February 1999 SIP revision did not include the rules necessary to bring the DFW area into attainment by the November 1999 deadline and the commission committed to submitting a complete attainment demonstration to the EPA in the spring of 2000. As a result, the EPA issued a letter of findings that the February 1999 SIP revision was incomplete. This letter started an 18-month sanctions clock effective May 13, 1999 that could only be stopped if the state submitted the necessary rules and modeling for the attainment demonstration. The April 2000 SIP revision fulfilled those requirements.

SIP Narrative and Appendices

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SIP Narrative and Miscellaneous Documentation

Adopted Appendices