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SIP Revision: Rate of Progress for HGB and BPA, November 9, 1994

Revision to the State Implementation Plan for Houston-Galveston-Brazoria and Beaumont-Port Arthur adopted on November 9, 1994.
On November 9, 1994, the TCEQ adopted a revision to the Texas State Implementation Plan (SIP) to for the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB) and Beaumont–Port Arthur (BPA) ozone nonattainment areas.

About the Revision

Adoption Date: 11/09/1994
EPA Approval Date: 04/25/2001 ( 66 FR 20750Exit the TCEQ

Key Changes: This SIP revision fulfills the nine percent Rate-of-Progress requirements laid out in the 1990 Federal Clean Air Act. This requirement stipulates that a plan be submitted by November 15, 1994, demonstrating an annual three percent reduction (nine percent net of growth) of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and/or oxides of nitrogen (NOx) until 1999 for BPA or 2007 for HGB.

SIP Narrative and Appendices

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SIP Narrative and Misc. Documentation

Title Log No. PDF WP
Adopted Post-1996 Rate-of-Progress SIP for BPA and HGB


App. Title PDF WP
Adopted Appendices
Alternate Methods of Control N/A
Control Measure Catalog N/A
Creditable Reductions for Beaumont-Port Arthur and Houston-Galveston N/A
Mobile5a Runs for Beaumont-Port Arthur and Houston-Galveston N/A
UAM Modeling Reports for Beaumont-Port Arthur and Houston-Galveston N/A N/A