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Car Washes: Compliance Resources

Compliance tools for car washes in Texas.


De Minimis — determine if your site is covered under the De Minimis rule. (30 TAC 116.119).


  • Am I a Public Water System? — If you have a private well, you may be a public water system.
  • You're a Public Water System…Now What? (RG-496) In revision 2023 — A guide for rules and regulations that apply to public water systems, especially for those who may have recently learned they own a PWS.
  • Without access to sewer service, you must obtain other authorization to discharge dirty water. Use the following links to determine if the Industrial Reclaimed Water Reuse Permit is right for you.
  • Instructions and Application to Use Industrial Reclaimed Water Microsoft Word Document
  • Operators should pay particular attention to the options allowed under the 30 TAC 210e rule.

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Compliance Overview Tools

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