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Dry Cleaners: Compliance Resources

Requirements for dry cleaning facilities that use perchloroethylene and petroleum.


Permits by Rule (PBRs)

MACT Requirements for PERC Facilities

If you use perchloroethylene (PERC or PCE) solvents, you must meet federal MACT standards. If you run a co-located facility constructed after December 21, 2005, you cannot use perc solvents.

Dry cleaning machines installed after December 21, 2005 must:

  • Be non-venting.
  • Have a refrigerated condenser.
  • Have a secondary carbon adsorber.

You must also:

  • Every month, inspect for leaks using a halogenated hydrocarbon leak detector or perc gas analyzer.
  • Every two weeks, check for perceptible perc leaks while the system is running.
    • If you buy more than 140 gallons of perc per year, check weekly.

See the following for more information:

Requirements for Petroleum Facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Dry cleaning facilities in Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant counties using a hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvent manufactured through petroleum distillation, such as naphtha and Stoddard solvent, must meet requirements in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code Chapter 115 (30 TAC 115), Subchapter F, Division 4.

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Drinking Water

You may be a public water system (PWS) if you have a private water source. See the resources below for more information.


There are multiple options for handling wastewater associated with drycleaners, including septic systems, permitted discharge, industrial re-use, and pump-and-haul disposal.

On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSFs)

OSSFs, also called septic systems, can be used for toilet and kitchen wastewater only. Process water is prohibited. Always check with your OSSF permitting authority for local requirements.

Permitted Discharge

If you are connected to a sewer system, contact your local POTW before discharging to their system. If you are not connected to a POTW, you may containerize your wastewater for disposal, apply for an industrial reuse authorization, or apply for an individual permit.

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General Compliance Tools

Small Business and Local Government Assistance

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