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TCEQ Rural Ombudsman

Information on the duties of the TCEQ Rural Ombudsman, plus how and when to contact him.

TCEQ Rural Ombudsman

Jason Robinson
Ph: 512-239-6710
E-mail: Jason.Robinson@tceq.texas.gov

What does the Rural Ombudsman do?

The ombudsman:

  • Acts as the primary liaison between the TCEQ and small local government representatives, and rural community staff members.
  • Listens to you and discusses your concerns, identifying which part of the agency can help you resolve issues.
  • Partners with entities to promote awareness of TCEQ rules, regulations, and outreach programs in an effort to help communities reach compliance.
  • Brings real-world experience and perspective from working in a small community to the TCEQ for developing policies and rules.
  • Identifies the trends that affect the rural and small cities in cases of enforcement actions and concerns from regulated entities.
  • Educates small cities and rural communities about the TCEQ programs that can help them with compliance issues and new regulations.

When should I contact the Rural Ombudsman?

If you’re an official or employee at a small local government or rural community:

  • who needs help understanding the next step in a compliance matter
  • who needs help navigating the TCEQ’s compliance assistance programs
  • who wonders how a specific action might affect the entity’s operation or compliance status
  • who has already called the TexasEnviroHelpExit the TCEQ hotline and still needs additional help on a compliance matter

How do I reach the Rural Ombudsman?

Call Jason Robinson directly at 512-239-6710, or e-mail Jason.Robinson@tceq.texas.gov.

How can I stay informed about new regulations?

Sign up for e-mails that update you on changes to TCEQ rules and policies.

Where can I get additional information for my local government?