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Waste Designation Decision Matrix - F or K Waste Determination

This is the waste designation decision matrix provided by the Small Business and Local Government Assistance Program to aid businesses in deciding how certain wastes must be handled.

This matrix is provided as an assistance tool. It cannot be used as a substitute for following applicable city, state, and federal laws.

Is the waste listed in the F or K lists in 40 CFR 261.31 and 40 CFR 261.32 ? YES NO

Review the F and K lists. Make a note of the appropriate code for the waste you have for use later in the decision matrix.

You only look to these lists if the waste chemical was used in a process.

Some examples of F and K wastes include:

  1. Spent non-halogenated solvents, including (but not limited to) acetone, ethyl benzene, and methanol (F003).
  2. A drum of spent trichloroethylene (F002) solvent used for cleaning resins out of a product.
  3. Emission control dust/sludge from the primary production of steel in electric furnaces (K061).
  4. Tank bottoms (leaded) from the petroleum refining industry (K052)

More information about the F and K lists.