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Border 2020's Amistad Task Force

One of the three task forces of the Four-State Regional Workgroup in the binational Border 2020 Program is the Amistad Task Force, in the northwestern portion of the region. This task force currently has two subject-specific committees.
Recent and Upcoming Local Special Events

◊ Meeting of the Amistad Task Force in Eagle Pass on Nov. 18

Other News of Interest
2013 Mid-year Progress Report on Border 2020 Action Plan Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

◊ EPA publishes guide for e-waste Exit the TCEQ management in northeast Mexico (in English and Spanish)
prepared by Mexican university

Report on the management of scrap tires in Coahuila Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (in Spanish)
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The Amistad Task Force is one of three sub-regional groups in the Four-State Regional Workgroup in the U.S.-Mexico Border 2020 Environmental ProgramExit the TCEQ (successor to Border 2012), which is a partnership among the U.S. EPA, Mexico’s SEMARNAT (the counterpart to EPA), the ten border states in the two countries, and U .S. border tribes. The Amistad Task Force covers Val Verde, Kinney, and Maverick Counties in Texas and the Municipios of Nava, Acuña, and Piedras Negras in Coahuila.

Amistad Task Force Co-Leaders


The Honorable Ramsay English Cantu, Mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas

The Honorable Lic. Ana Gabriela Fernández Osuna, Presidente Municipal, Nava, Coahuila

The Honorable Ramsay English Cantu
Mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas

Lic. Ana Gabriela Fernández Osuna
Presidente Municipal, Nava, Coahuila

Committees of the Amistad Task Force

The task force has established two subject-specific committees. Each committee has a U.S. co-facilitator and a Mexican co-facilitator.


U.S. Co-Facilitator(s)

Mexican Co-Facilitator
Waste Committee Hector Chavez
Public Works Dept., City of Eagle Pass
Ma Teresita Molina Cortez
Dept. of Ecology, Piedras Negras
Emergency Preparedness Vacant position Brígido Iván Moreno Carrera
Protección Civil, Ciudad Acuña

The Amistad Task Force has met periodically, established its priorities related to the goals and objectives of the Border 2020 Program (successor to Border 2012), and developed projects to address those priorities.

See the 2013 mid-year progress report Adobe Acrobat PDF Document on the Action Plan for the Four-State Regional Workgroup.

The Amistad Task Force's Accomplishments Report for 2010-2011 Adobe Acrobat PDF Document highlights the major accomplishments of activities implemented from October 2010 through September 2011.

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