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Border 2025's Amistad Task Force

One of the three task forces of the Four-State Regional Workgroup in the binational Border 2025 Program is the Amistad Task Force, in the northwestern portion of the region.
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The Amistad Task Force is one of three sub-regional groups in the Four-State Regional Workgroup in the U.S.-Mexico Border 2025 Environmental ProgramExit the TCEQ (successor to Border 2020), which is a partnership among the U.S. EPA, Mexico’s SEMARNAT (the counterpart to EPA), the ten border states in the two countries, and U .S. border tribes. The Amistad Task Force covers Val Verde, Kinney, and Maverick Counties in Texas and the Municipalities of Nava, Acuña, and Piedras Negras in Coahuila.

Amistad Task Force Co-Leaders



The Honorable
Mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas


Committees of the Amistad Task Force

The task force has established two subject-specific committees. Each committee has a U.S. co-facilitator and a Mexican co-facilitator.


U.S. Co-Facilitator(s)

Mexican Co-Facilitator
Waste Committee

Sergio Garcia 

Eagle Pass Public Works 

Matias Eloy Rivera
Dept. of Ecology, Cd. Acuña
Environmental Education & Health

Judith L. Puente 

Kickapoo Tribe

Victor Manuel Ibarra

Instituto Tecnólogico de Piedras Negras

Emergency Preparedness

Manuel Mello

Fire Chief, City of Eagle Pass


The Amistad Task Force has met periodically, established its priorities related to the goals and objectives of the Border 2020 Program (successor to Border 2012), and developed projects to address those priorities.

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