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Border 2020's Falcon Task Force

One of the three task forces of the Four-State Regional Workgroup in the binational Border 2020 Program, the Falcon Task Force includes Webb and Zapata Counties on the U.S. side and Nuevo Laredo and Sabinas Hidalgo on the Mexican side. This task force currently has four subject-specific committees.
Recent and Upcoming Local Special Events

 ◊ SAVE THE DATE Laredo Environmental Summit on Thursday, November 6 at TAMIU, hosted by State Senator Judith Zaffirini

 ◊ AND SAVE ANOTHER DATE — "Venture into Recycling," Laredo's ninth annual recycling fair, at the Laredo landfill on Friday, Nov. 14 

Other News of Interest

 ◊ 2013 Mid-year Progress Report on Border 2020 Action Plan Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

 ◊ Laredo’s Oscar Medina wins Environmental Excellence Award Exit the TCEQ

 ◊ EPA publishes guide for e-waste management in northeast Mexico (in English and Spanish)
prepared by Mexican university Exit the TCEQ

The Falcon Task Force is one of three sub-regional groups in the Four-State Regional Workgroup in the U.S.-Mexico Border 2020 Environmental Program (successor to Border 2012), Exit the TCEQ which is a partnership among the U.S. EPA, Mexico’s SEMARNAT (the counterpart to EPA), the ten border states in the two countries, and U .S. border tribes. The Falcon Task Force covers Webb and Zapata Counties in Texas, the Municipio of Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas, and the Municipios of Anáhuac and Sabinas Hidalgo in Nuevo León.

Falcon Task Force Co-Leaders

The Honorable Raul G. Salinas, Mayor of Laredo, Texas   The Honorable Joe Rathmell, County Judge, Zapata County, Texas
The Honorable Raul G. Salinas
Mayor of Laredo, Texas



  The Honorable Joe Rathmell
County Judge, Zapata County, Texas
Ing. Carlos Canturosas, Presidente Municipal, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas   Dr. Rosendo Chapa, Presidente Municipal, Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo León

Carlos Canturosas,
Presidente Municipal,

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas


Dr. Rosendo Chapa Contreras
Presidente Municipal,
Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo León

Committees of the Falcon Task Force

The Task Force has five subject-specific committees. Each committee has at least one U.S. co-facilitator and Mexican co-facilitator.

Committee U.S. Co-Facilitator(s) Mexican Co-Facilitator

Water Committee

José Garza
Frank Tejeda Center

Tomas Rodriguez
Laredo Water Utilities

Agustín Boone
International Boundary and Water Commission, Mexico
Section, Nuevo Laredo

Waste Committee

John Porter
Environmental Services Dept., City of Laredo

Atilano Ramírez Solano
Center for Collection and Recycling of "Special Management" Residuals

Environmental Health and Environmental Education

Temporarily vacant

Marco Garza Delgado
Technological University of Nuevo Laredo

Emergency Preparedness

Steve Landin
Laredo Fire Dept.

Mónica Pérez Molina

The Falcon Task Force committees have met periodically, established their priorities related to the goals and objectives of the Border 2020 Program (successor to Border 2012), and developed projects to address those priorities.

The Falcon Task Force's Accomplishments Report for 2010-2011 Adobe Acrobat PDF Document highlights the major accomplishments of activities implemented from October 2010 through September 2011.

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