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Border 2025's Falcon Task Force

One of the three task forces of the Four-State Regional Workgroup in the binational Border 2025 Program, the Falcon Task Force includes Webb and Zapata Counties on the U.S. side and Nuevo Laredo and Sabinas Hidalgo on the Mexican side.

News of Interest

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The Falcon Task Force is one of three sub-regional groups in the Four-State Regional Workgroup in the U.S.-Mexico Border 2025 Environmental Program (successor to Border 2020), which is a partnership among the U.S. EPA, Mexico’s SEMARNAT (the counterpart to EPA), the ten border states in the two countries, and U .S. border tribes. The Falcon Task Force covers Webb and Zapata Counties in Texas, the Municipio of Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas, and the Municipios of Anáhuac and Sabinas Hidalgo in Nuevo León.

Falcon Task Force Co-Leaders

Honorable Dr. Victor Treviño 
Mayor of Laredo, Texas


 Honorable Jose Francisco Mendoza 
County Commissioner, Zapata County, Texas

Carmen Lilia Cantu Rosas,
Mayor of
Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas


Committees of the Falcon Task Force

The Task Force has four subject-specific committees. Each committee has at least one U.S. co-facilitator and Mexican co-facilitator.

Committee U.S. Co-Facilitator(s) Mexican Co-Facilitator

Water Committee
Mario Gómez,                                        International Boundary Water Commission - Laredo 

Ramón Meza,                                International Boundary Water Commission- Mexican Section - Nuevo Laredo 

Waste Committee

Ediza Aguirre 
TCEQ Laredo Regional Office 

Gustavo Ernesto Pantoja 
Consultor Ambiental 

Environmental Health and Environmental Education

Dr. Richard Chamberlain                        Laredo Health Department

Marco Garza Delgado
Universidad Tecnológica de Nuevo Laredo 

Emergency Preparedness




The Falcon Task Force committees have met periodically, established their priorities related to the goals and objectives of the Border 2025 Program (successor to Border 2020), and developed projects to address those priorities.

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