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Advanced Review of Compliance History

ARCH is a web-based program that allows authorized representatives of customers (CNs) to review and comment on their compliance history information during a 30-day period before publication on TCEQ’s website.

Every September 1, TCEQ calculates compliance history ratings and determines compliance history classifications for all organizations under Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 60 (the compliance history rule). After completion of an internal quality assurance process, the information is made available online to registered ARCH users. From that page, users can review the compliance history information for any site (RN) affiliated to the CN that they are registered for and submit comments and requests for corrections to TCEQ.

Registration for the ARCH program is only available during the month preceding the September 1 recalculation of ratings each year. Registration for ARCH begins on August 1 and ends on August 31 each year.

Application for Compliance History Review

Beginning on September 15, registered ARCH users can access their compliance history information for 30 days and submit comments and requests for corrections.

Compliance History Review

For further assistance, you can contact TCEQ at (512) 239-2724, or by e-mail at