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Compliance History Report

Information about and a listing of compliance history classifications prepared under 30 TAC Chapter 60 for persons and sites.

A compliance history report shows the information used to determine a compliance history rating and how that rating was calculated—and, therefore, how the classification was determined. The published lists and the database contain basic information and a classification. The corresponding report shows the full details.

To get a copy of a specific compliance history report:

  1. Using the Compliance History Database or a current list of compliance histories, find the customer or regulated entity you are interested in.
  2. E-mail or call 512/239-DATA (-3282) and give us the following information:
    • If you want a report about a customer, the customer’s name and customer number (CN + 9 digits).
    • If you want a report about a regulated entity and all customers affiliated with it, the regulated entity’s name and number (RN + 9 digits).
    • The format you prefer—electronic (delimited ASCII) or hard copy (there will be a charge for a hard copy).
    • If you are asking for a hard copy, your complete mailing address.
    • A phone number or e-mail address we can use to contact you if we need more information to satisfy your request.

If you e-mail your request, we will respond within five working days.