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Search the Compliance History Database

Using the Compliance History Database, you can find the customer or regulated entity you are interested in. New classifications are published each November. However the database is updated periodically to incorporate changes that have resulted from correction requests that may be submitted to TCEQ throughout the year or through appeals.

During the thirty-day, pre-publication quality assurance and control period implemented by the compliance history rule, TCEQ receives comments, questions, and correction requests. We evaluate these submissions and other correction requests received throughout the year, so we encourage you to consult the Compliance History Database to view the most recent and most accurate information regarding a customer or regulated entity’s compliance history.

State rules require TCEQ to maintain and publish compliance histories for many of the companies, individuals, agencies, and other entities that it regulates. Histories become ratings of a customer’s “distance from compliance.” Unsatisfactory ratings can cause denial of permits, stricter regulation, and higher penalties.