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Sewer Overflow and Bypass Reporting: NeT-SEWEROVERFLOW

Find out how to submit sanitary sewer overflow and bypass data to TCEQ for your Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) permit.

Disclaimer: Access to the EPA's Net-SewerOverflow tool is limited. Publicly owned treatment works participating in a pilot program will be able to use it in a "test" environment. 

Submitting Your Report Electronically

Submit TPDES sanitary sewer overflow and bypass reports through EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System eReporting Tool for Sanitary Sewer Overflow (“NET-SEWEROVERFLOW”). 

Access the NeT-SEWEROVERFLOW Tool at EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX).

Request an Electronic Reporting Waiver - If you cannot submit your report electronically as required, submit a Request for Electronic Reporting Waiver form (TCEQ-20754).

Roles and Signatory Authority

Understand Your Role

  • Signatory: Can sign, submit, manage, prepare, and edit all forms.
  • Preparer: Can prepare all forms on behalf of the signatory at the facility but cannot sign or submit the report. Find out how to submit your report to a signatory on slide no. 9 of the Sanitary Sewer Overflow training. 

Request Access to Your Facility - Once you have access to the NeT-SEWEROVERFLOW program, someone with the signatory role must request access to your facility's records. Then they can grant others access to the facility information.

If you have trouble logging in or setting up an account, contact the CDX Helpdesk:

Need Help?

Resolving Errors

Error when Certifying Report - If you encounter an error, try the following steps to certify your report:

  2. Navigate to your facility.
  3. Click the “Reports” tab.
  4. Click the “Actions” drop-down box and select "Back to Draft."
  5. Click the “Actions” drop-down box again and select "Edit."
  6. Scroll down the report until you see the "Next" button.
  7. Select the applicable certification option.

If that doesn't resolve the error, clear your internet browser's cache and cookies .

If you continue to receive the error message, screenshot the message and report it to

Object Reference Error in Google Chrome - If you encounter the (“Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”) error message in NET-SEWEROVERFLOW, clear your internet browser's cache and cookies .

Again, if you continue to receive the error message, screenshot the message and report it to

Webinar Training and Other EPA Resources

Visit the EPA’s website to view recordings of previous sewer overflow and bypass training webinars or the Sewer Overflow/Bypass Event User's Guide . Find additional resources on EPA’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow help webpage.

How to Contact Us

If you need assistance, complete the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Customer Help Form .