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TCEQ Notices of Violation: Data Visualizations

When TCEQ inspects facilities in Texas that haven’t complied with environmental regulations, they may receive a Notice of Violation outlining what was observed and what they need to do to correct the problem. Use the map and charts below to see where and when NOVs were issued. Selecting the “View Source Data” link under either visualization will open a page where you’ll find more options for viewing, filtering, and exporting NOV data.

Locations of Notices of Violation

The map below shows the distribution of NOVs across Texas counties. Mouse over counties to view their total NOVs. Open 'Filters' (top right) to display NOVs by a specified entity name, issuance date, status, or business type. For a spreadsheet view of individual NOVs and details for that filter setting, select 'Summary Table' (bottom left).

Timeline of Notices of Violation Issued

View total issued NOVs by month (from 2010 to present) by clicking and ‘dragging’ the timeline chart left and right. Monthly frequencies will appear when focusing the mouse over the timeline.

Texas Open Data Portal

Find NOV data and investigation details in spreadsheet format in the TCEQ Notices of Violation (NOV) dataset* located in the Texas Open Data Portal. The portal is a central repository for the state of Texas where you can access, filter, and visualize data based on your individual needs.

*In the NOV dataset, you may see an investigation listed more than once. This indicates that multiple violations were associated with that investigation, usually due to noncompliance with different regulatory requirements (citations).