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What Information Does My SWSA Provide?

Explains the information that may be obtained from your source water susceptibility assessment.

Provided in the form of a detailed report, the assessments contain information specific to each public water system, its source waters, and areas of concern which may impact source waters. The assessment reports on the susceptibility of the water system to 227 contaminants with the results encompassing a rating of high, medium, or low susceptibility for each of the contaminants. The specific nature of the information will enhance the ability of a public water system to protect its source waters and ensure its continued reliability. The SWSAs are provided for information purposes only. PWSs are encouraged, but not required, to implement a voluntary source water protection program to help protect the quality of their drinking water.

TCEQ staff is available to assist public water system operators in understanding the technical information in the assessments and to explain how the information can be used to enhance water supply operations and implement source water protection programs. Information on possible sources of funding for source water protection programs is available.

For more information on the assessments, contact the SWAP Program.