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Cross-Connection Control Subcommittee

Meeting schedule and agenda for this open-participation group, which will advise the TCEQ on measures to protect drinking-water supplies by preventing cross connections and backflows.

The Cross-Connection Control (CCC) Subcommittee meets to discuss issues related to cross-connection control and backflow prevention. The CCC Subcommittee is a subgroup of the Drinking Water Advisory Work Group (DWAWG).

About This Subcommittee

The CCC Subcommittee provides the TCEQ with expanded knowledge and resources to address cross-connection control and backflow prevention throughout Texas.

This subcommittee was originally formed in 1996 as the CCC Work Group and met regularly for approximately six years. Authorization to re-create the work group as a subcommittee of the DWAWG was granted in September 2007.

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Participating in This Subcommittee

The CCC Subcommittee is a voluntary group and is open to the public, so anyone who wishes to join may attend the meetings and participate in the discussion.

This subcommittee currently has representation from the Texas Water Utilities Association, Texas Rural Water Association, Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office, Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, licensed backflow prevention assembly testers, licensed customer service inspectors, licensed irrigators, staff from cross-connection control programs at public water systems, backflow prevention instructors, and individual citizens.

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Upcoming Meetings

Date:   December 5, 2019
Time:   9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  TCEQ Campus
  12100 Park 35 Circle
  Building F, Room 2210
  Austin, Texas 78753
  Draft (PDF file. Help with PDF.)

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Agendas and Summaries from Past Meetings

You can find previous meetings in portable document format (PDF). (Help with PDF.)

Look back through the following years:

Date   Agenda Summary  
September 5, 2019   Agenda Summary
June 6, 2019   Agenda Summary  
March 7, 2019   Agenda Summary  
Date   Agenda Summary  
December 3, 2018   Agenda Summary
September 6, 2018   Agenda Summary
June 7, 2018   Agenda Summary
March 1, 2018   Agenda Summary  
December 6, 2017   Agenda Summary  
September 7, 2017   Canceled  Hurricane Harvey  
June 1, 2017   Agenda Summary  
March 3, 2017   Agenda Summary  
December 1, 2016   Agenda Summary  
September 7, 2016   Agenda Summary  
June 1, 2016   Agenda Summary  
March 3, 2016   Agenda Summary  
Date   Agenda Summary  
December 2, 2015   Canceled
September 2, 2015   Agenda Summary  
June 3, 2015   Agenda Summary  
March 4, 2015   Agenda Summary  
December 3, 2014   Agenda Summary  
September 3, 2014   Agenda Summary  
June 4, 2014   Agenda Summary  
March 5, 2014   Agenda Summary  
December 4, 2013   Agenda Summary  
September 4, 2013   Agenda Summary  
June 5, 2013   Agenda Summary  
March 6, 2013   Agenda Summary  
Date   Agenda Summary  
December 5, 2012   Agenda Summary  
September 4, 2012   Agenda Summary  
June 6, 2012   Agenda Summary  
March 7, 2012   Agenda Summary  
December 6, 2011   Agenda Summary  
September 6, 2011   Agenda Summary  
June 7, 2011   Agenda Summary  
March 1, 2011   Canceled
December 1, 2010   Agenda Summary  
September 1, 2010   Agenda Summary  
June 2, 2010   Agenda Summary  
March 3, 2010   Agenda Summary  
Date   Agenda Summary  
December 2, 2009   Agenda Summary  
September 2, 2009   Agenda Summary  
June 3, 2009   Agenda Summary  
March 10, 2009   Agenda Summary  
December 3, 2008   Agenda Summary  
September 3, 2008   Agenda Summary  
June 4, 2008   Agenda Summary  
March 5, 2008   Agenda Summary  
December 6, 2007   Agenda Summary  

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Staff Contact

For more information or to suggest topics for meetings, please contact the TCEQ Cross-Connection Control Program at 512-239-4691. You may also contact the program by emailing your comment to pdws@tceq.texas.gov. Please include “CCC Subcommittee” in the subject line.

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