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Pharmaceutical Disposal Advisory Group (SB1757)

This group met to discuss current methods and alternatives for the disposal of unused pharmaceuticals and to develop options the Legislature can consider for dealing with this issue. Simple online surveys have been developed to help the TCEQ understand how unused pharmaceuticals are currently disposed of in Texas.

Pharmaceutical Disposal Surveys

Simple online surveys were developed to help the TCEQ understand how unused pharmaceuticals are currently disposed of in Texas. A separate survey was also developed for each of the 13 groups identified by the Pharmaceutical Disposal Advisory Group. The survey period closed on July 23, 2010, at 5 pm (CST).

Group 1: Health-Care Providers - Patient Floor (Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists etc.)
Group 2: Veterinary Providers
Group 3: Pharmacies (including retail and clinical)
Group 4: Waste Disposal/Management Service Providers
Group 5: Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Group 6: Ranchers/Farmers
Group 7: Consumers (all households in Texas)
Group 8: Home Health and Hospice Providers (In-home and In-patient setting)
Group 9: Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities
Group 10: Local Governments (solid waste department, including household hazardous waste programs)
Group 11: Law Enforcement
Group 12: Research Institutions
Group 13: Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes & Assisted Living)

Survey responses are anonymous. The responses may be used in preparing the final report to the Legislature. For more information, contact TCEQ staff.

About This Advisory Group

The Pharmaceutical Disposal Advisory Group was formed to obtain information required for us to adequately respond to Senate Bill 1757, 81st Legislative Session, 2009. Senate Bill 1757 (SB1757) requires us to study the current methods of disposal and make recommendations for how consumers, health care providers, and others may dispose of unused pharmaceuticals so that they do not enter the wastewater system.

This advisory group has sought input from these and other stakeholders:

  • state and federal agencies, including: the Health and Human Services Commission, the Department of Public Safety, the United States Postal Service, the United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • local governments
  • water utilities and other water suppliers
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies
  • health-care providers, including home health care providers, hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities
  • solid waste management service providers, as well as transporters and processors of medical waste
  • ranchers and farmers
  • end users of medication

Specifically, we want this advisory group to help us understand:

  • what methods are currently used in Texas for pharmaceutical disposal
  • what factors have an impact on disposal practices
  • what considerations need to be made when making recommendation for a statewide pharmaceutical disposal program
  • what tools, programs, and resources may be required by stakeholders to implement any future disposal programs

Participating in This Advisory Group

Anyone could attend the meetings of this advisory group and participate in discussions, but only members of the SB1757 Stakeholder Group could vote. This advisory group met monthly during the first six months of 2010.

Information from Past Meetings

The files linked below are in portable document format (PDF). (Help with PDF Files).

Date Agenda Minutes Attendees Materials
January 26, 2010 Agenda
Attendees Materials
February 26, 2010 Agenda Minutes Attendees Materials (USGS)
Materials (TCEQ)
March 24, 2010 Agenda Minutes Attendees Materials
April 22, 2010 Agenda Minutes Attendees Materials (External)
Materials (TCEQ)
May 27, 2010 Agenda Minutes Attendees Materials (External)
Materials (TCEQ)
June 24, 2010 Agenda Minutes Attendees Materials (External)
Materials (TCEQ)


The information in this section contains comments and other information submitted pursuant to S.B. 1757. The views and opinions from external sources are strictly those of the individual author/speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the TCEQ.

Staff Contact

For more information, contact Elston Johnson at 512-239-6266 or through our main Water Supply Division line, 512-239-4691. You may also e-mail your question or comment to Please include “Pharmaceutical Disposal Advisory Group” in the subject line of your e-mail.