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House Bill 610 Viewer: Create a Map Link to a Facility

This viewer allows a user to locate a specific facility on a map, create a URL path (link) to that location, then share that link with others who can use the link to zoom to that location in the map viewer.


The TCEQ created this viewer to meet the requirements of House Bill 610 of the 82nd Regular Legislative Session (2011).

House Bill 610 amended Section 5.128 of the Water Code by requiring TCEQ to do the following:

(a-2) The commission [TCEQ] shall utilize electronic means of transmission for any notice issued or sent by the commission to a state senator or representative, unless the senator or representative has requested to receive notice by mail.
(a-3) If the notice issued or sent under Subsection (a-2) concerns a permit for a facility, the notice must include an Internet link to an electronic map indicating the location of the facility.

View the full text of the bill at House Bill 610: 82(R) HB 610


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