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Water Well Report Viewer

TCEQ’s Water Well Report Viewer is an online, map-based locator of over 800,000 historical reports for water wells drilled in Texas.

A water well report includes information about the:

  • well location, depth, and construction;
  • water level;
  • local geology;
  • driller and original owner.


The TCEQ Water Well Report Viewer ("Viewer") allows users to locate and view copies of water well reports. In this online application, users access the water well files through a grid layer overlain on a map of the state of Texas. When users click on their area of interest, the application will display a list of the water well files within the selected area. Each file contains copies of one or more water well reports.


Basic steps for finding a water well report:

  1. Go to the TCEQ Water Well Report Viewer - Best viewed using Internet Explorer V9.0 and above, Firefox V22.0 and above, or Google Chrome V28.0 and above.
  2. You can search a location by typing in one of following criteria into the search box on the top left side of the page (not case-sensitive). The dropdown list will be auto-completed when you begin typing. See examples in italics:
  • Search by County Name : Travis County
  • Search by City Name : Austin
  • Search by Address: 1111 6th St W, Austin, TX, 78703
  • Search by Intersection: McNeil Dr & Parmer Ln, Austin, TX
  • Search by Latitude/Longitude: -97.2, 30.4
  • Search by POI (Point of Interest): pond springs elementary
  • In the center of the tool bar, the Search Water Well Reports feature allows you to specify the type of water well report you wish to search for. When you click on the drop-down arrow in the Search Water Well Reports window, you will have several options:
  • Only Plotted Water Well Reports are searchable by either Grid Num or County Name; all others are searchable by County Name only.
  • Click on the link under the Grid Num heading in order to view a file containing copies of one or more water well reports.
  • Water well reports can also be located using the WW Report search tool to the right of the Search Water Well Reports feature. If you select the WW Report tool, specify Plotted Water Well Reports, and then click on the map viewer, you will bring up all reports for the 2.5 minute grid in which you clicked.


The User Guide Word icon provides detailed information regarding the other search criteria, tools, and layers available in the Viewer.

Please be sure to turn the Pop-up Blocker OFF for *.state.tx.us and *.texas.gov.

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