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Water Districts Map Viewer

The Water Districts Map Viewer enables users to search and view water districts using an online map interface. The viewer also links to the Integrated Water Districts Database (iWDD) for additional detailed information.

The Water Districts Map Viewer allows users to view retail water district boundaries within Texas. The viewer provides search tools and bi-directional flow tool that link it to the Integrated Water Districts Database (iWDD). These tools allow users to determine if there is an existing district service provider for a particular area. A district is a political subdivision whose boundaries are described by a TCEQ order or legislative bill creating the district.

Note: The CCN (Certificates of Convenience and Necessity) GIS data are now being maintained by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

You may use the Water Districts Map Viewer to do the following:

1. View fifteen different district boundary layers;
2. Search by District name to locate district service provider(s);
3. Search by address and street intersection to locate a district (must include city name and/or zip code);
4. Obtain details about a district service provider.

There are fifteen different types of districts managed by the TCEQ program area and displayed within the viewer including those listed below.

1. Drainage District (DD)
2. Fresh Water Supply District (FWSD)
3. Irrigation District (ID)
4. Levee Improvement District (LID)
5. Municipal Management District (MMD)
6. Municipal Utility District (MUD)
7. Navigation District (ND)
8. Other (OTH)
9. River Authority (RA)
10. Regional District (RD)
11. Storm Water Control District (SCD)
12. Special Utility District (SUD)
13. Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD)
14. Water Control & Improvement District(WCID)
15. Water Improvement District (WID)


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Help Guide - Read this first. This downloadable PDF document Adobe Acrobat PDF Document explains how to use the tools available in the viewer. New Information