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Source Water Assessment Viewer

Description: Viewer can be used to access the PWS source assessment information, view and print maps of source water protection areas, and obtain details about selected public water sources.

The Source Water Assessment Viewer (Viewer) is designed to allow the public to view the spatial datasets used and created during the source water susceptibility assessment process. More than 6,000 Public Water Systems (PWS) are the primary audience. PWS will use the Viewer to identify and validate potential sources of contamination (PSOC) that are found within their source water protection areas. Agency staff, consultants, and the general public constitute the secondary audience.

The Viewer enables internal and external customers to view PWS wells and intakes along with the PSOC and contributing zones used for source water assessments.

It allows users to perform multiple functions, such as 1) Access to PWS source assessment information; 2) View and print maps of source water protection areas and associated PSOC; and 3) Obtain more details about the selected public water source.

  • Go to the Map Viewer - Best viewed using Internet Explorer V9.0 and above,
    Firefox V22.0 and above, or Google Chrome V28.0 and above.
  • Help Guide - Read this first. This downloadable PDF document Adobe Acrobat PDF Document explains how to use the tools available in the viewer. New Information


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